Honey Trap (Honigfalle)

Screening: Sunday, June 15, 19:00 (GIRLFRIENDS)


Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2006
Duration: 16’21“
Category: Fiction

Director: Kim Neumann
Screenplay: Kim Neumann, Ulrich Jaschek
Cinematographer: Roland Fritzenschaft
Editor: Heike M. Stumm
Music: Ossy Pfeiffer
Producer: Kim Neumann
Cast: Wolf Bachofner, Moritz Duerr, Marcel Metten, Yvonne Werner-Mees

Synopsis: Guenter Frentzke is in imprisonment on remand for some weeks now. He is accused to have brutally killed a child. The police don’t have any precise evidence and so the justice’ hands are tied. In a few days they will have to free him…

Festivals & Awards: Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney Germany 2007, Shortmoves Festival Halle/Saale Germany 2007, Biberacher Filmfestspiele Germany 2007

A Good Day For A Swim (O Zi Buna De Plaja)

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Sunday, June 15, 21:00 and Monday, June 16, 19:00 (BITTER)


Country of Origin: Romania
Year of Production: 2007
Duration: 9’24“
Category: Fiction

Director: Bogdan Mustata
Screenplay: Catalin Mitulescu
Cinematographer: Barbu Balasoiu
Editor: Letitia Stefanescu, Bogdan Mustata
Music: Dragos Stanomir
Producer: Catalin Mitulescu
Cast: Florin Sinescu, Okan Kaya, George Hoffman, Cerasela Iosifescu, Marian Ghenea

Synopsis: Early in the morning Lili, a 36 year old prostitute is waiting at a deserted crossroad for the next client. Suddenly a van stops. When Lili looks inside she gets scared and tries to run away, but the van, driven by Blondu (14), who just escaped together with the other boys from a prison for minors, is faster and she is pulled inside. Arrived at a beach the wild boys like to play with Lili and the driver Miki (40) who are their victims for today.

Festivals & Awards: 58th Berlin International Film Festival (Golden Bear for Best Short Film)

Weblink: https://www.youtube.com/a-good-day-for-a-swim

Retreating (La Ritirata)

German Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 13, 21:00 and Tuesday, June 17, 19:00 (SOUR)


Country of Origin: Italy
Year of Production: 2008
Duration: 18′
Category: Fiction

Director: Elisabetta Bernardini
Screenplay: Elisabetta Bernardini
Cinematographer: Luca Coassin
Editor: Roberto Trapanese
Music: Massimiliano Faraci
Producer: Elisabetta Bernardini, Ines Vasiljevic
Cast: Valery Usai, Julian Siravo, Romano Talevi, Leonardo Caneva, Ludovica Dezi, Elvis Pasqual, Luca Coassin, Luciano Roffi, Maria Dolores Genolini, Patrizio Cigliano, Gabriele Tuccimei

Synopsis: World War II. Rosa, Lucia, and the younger brother, Dumi have been left by their parents at the grandparents. Rosa has a big, special and dangerous love that she has to take care of, being the only one to know about it. His survival depends on her. But someone has been spying on her and she is forced to commit an extreme gesture to save her love.

Festivals & Awards: 38th Film Festival Giffoni Valle Chiara Italy 2008, Tiburon International Film Festival USA 2008

Weblink: www.elisabettabernardini.com

The Fallen Woman

World Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, June 14, 19:00 and Tuesday, June 17, 21:00 (UMAMI)


Country of Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2007
Duration: 5′
Category: Animation

A Film By: Ceile Prowse

Synopsis: Fallen Woman is the story of a confident, self-involved woman who will not let pregnancy get in the way of her goals. This all goes awry when she is exercising on a treadmill in stilettos and breaks her leg. Through a harsh conveyor belt of medical treatment, she is forced to accept her condition. When she finds she is physically incapable of getting the bus home, she makes a startling discovery in her crutches.

Weblink: www.ceilefilms.com

Films by Country

Look Sharp
We Have Decided Not To Die

Personal Spectator
Tanghi Argentini

Found Objects
Madame Tutli-Putli
The Fallen Woman

The Vulnerable Ones (Les Vulnerables)

Even Pigeons Go To Heaven (Meme Les Pigeons Vont Au Paradis)
The Dinner (Le Diner)
The Sad Story Of Knave (La Pauvre Histoire Du Maraud)
Silence (Stille)
When I’m Big (Quai Ch’rai Grand)

2 Or 3 Things I Knew About Her
Cigaretta Mon Amour – The Portrait Of My Father (Cigaratta Mon Amour – Portrait Meines Vaters
The Ferryman (Der Faehrmeister)
The Frozen Sea (Das Gefrorene Meer)
The Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II – The Secret of Kottlitz Castle (Der Goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2 – Das Geheimnis von Schloss Kottlitz)
Heart’s Beating (Herz Sticht)
Honey Trap (Honigfalle)
Keychild (Schluesselkind)
Macedonian Dream – A Girl And Her Accordion (Die Akkordeonspielerin)
The Pheasant (Der Fasan)
Poolside (Beckenrand)
The Prisoner Of The Month (Der Haeftling Des Monats)
The Runt (Der Kloane)
The Secret Adventures Of The Projectionist
Shift (15 Minuten)
Sibling’s Love (Geschwisterliebe)
Violin Solo (Geigensolo)

Time Out (Mia Zoi Son Alli)

Retreating (La Ritirata)


New Zealand
War Party (Taua)

One Day Trip (El Viaje)

A Good Day For A Swim (O Zi Buna De Plaja)

My Love (Moya Lybov)

Lightborne (Alumbramiento)
Salvador (A Daily Miracle Story)
Closer (APROP)

About Socks And Love (O Ponozkach A Laske)

Looking Glass (Spergelbarn)

Downstairs (Ayak Altinda)

United Kingdom
For The Love Of God
Rotten Apple
The Object

A Day’s Work
Black Cabinet
I Met The Walrus
The Vulnerable Ones (Les Vulnerables)
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Veröffentlicht unter 2008

Silence (Stille)

Screening: Sunday, June 15, 19:00 (GIRLFRIENDS)


Country of Origin: France/Germany
Year of Production: 2006
Duration: 10’19“
Category: Fiction

Director: Corinna Thamm
Screenplay: Corinna Thamm
Cinematographer: Sonia Charoki, Jeremy Forni
Editor: Corinna Thamm
Music: Michael Bunn
Cast: Martin Boulou, Alexandra Boye, Chantal Dehaene, Laure Hunot, Francois Mueller, Philippe Vidal

Synopsis: After his father’s death, Tristan returns to his parental house. Back in the place, where his father once sexually abused his sister, he understands that the time has come to break the silence.

Festivals & Awards: „La corrida audiovisuelle“ Toulouse France 2007

Closer (APROP)

German Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, June 14, 19:00 and Tuesday, June 17, 21:00 (UMAMI)


Country of Origin: Spain
Year of Production: 2007
Duration: 6’20“
Category: Experimental

Director: Aitor Echeverria
Screenplay: Aitor Echeverria
Cinematographer: Aitor Echeverria
Editor: Pedro Pablo Rodenas
Music: Chalart 58
Producers: Roger Amigo, Mireira Ibars
Cast: Carolina Alejos, Silvia Marin

Synopsis: Sleep interrupted by the brush of a familiar touch. The light caress of a finger across your back. The sigh of that voice inviting you to play. The most everyday gestures become, at close range, an extraordinary dance.

Festivals & Awards: Zemos98 Sevilla Spain 2008 (Audience Award), Barcelona Visual Sound Spain 2008 (Jury Award for Best Video Art), 5º Cinekink NY USA 2008 (Best Experimental Short Film), Short Film Festival Of Real Spain 2007 (Best Video Art), IXX Festival Internacional de Fano Italy 2007 (Third Place Award), IX Mostra Minima en Gandia Spain 2007 (Re-accion Award), IX Abycine de Albacete Spain 2007 (Special Mention), XIV Certamen de cortometrajes de Leioa Spain 2007 (Third Place Award), IV Certamen de cortometrajes Ca Revolta de Valencia Spain 2007 (Best Short Film), Festival Arrivanoicorti en Montelanico Italy 2007 (Best Editing), Festival de cortometrajes de Soria Spain 2007 (Best Photography), Certamen de cortometrajes Ca Revolta Spain 2007 (Best Short Film), The Northern Wave International Film Festival Iceland 2008, Bradford Film Fest-BIFF08 UK 2008, 48. International Festival of Cinema and TV Cartagena Colombia 2008, DanceFilmAssociation New York USA 2008, 24. International Short Film Festival Lille France 2008, Newfilmmakers Film Festival NY USA 2008, La Fila Valladolid Spain 2008, Festival Amori in corto Itay 2008, Festival de jovenes realizadores de Granada Spain 2008, Festival Maremetraggio Trieste Italy 2008, Cinedans Amsterdam Holland 2008, Sofia International Film Festival Bulgaria 2008, III Festival de cortometrajes Las Dunas Spain 2008, XI Spanish film festival Australia 2008, REC08 Tarragona Spain 2008, ACT Festival Spain 2008, Canadian Worldwide Film Festival Canada 2008, Amsterdamshorts! Amsterdam Holland 2008, Dance Camera West Film Festival Los Angeles USA 2008 Festival IDN Barcelona Spain 2007, Festival de Cine en Forli Italy 2007, Festival de Cine de Girona Spain 2007, Sardinia Film Festival Italy 2007, International Short Film Montecatini Italy 2007, Festival Fascurt in Masnou Spain 2007, Film Festival in Ponferrada Spain 2007, Cinespana France 2007, MECAL International Short Film Festival Spain 2007, International Short Film Festival Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Brasil 2007, FICCAB – festival de cine alternativo en Benalmadena Spain 2007, 9 Abycine Spain 2007, „Curta Cinema“ Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival 2007, „Optica“ Festival Of Visual Arts Spain 2007, Zinebi Film Festival Bilbao Spain 2007, Certamen cortometrajes de Jerez Spain 2007, FIFE – experimental film festival of Carburari – Rumania 2007, Cinemad07 Spain 2007, ALCINE Madrid Spain 2007

Weblink: www.playtimeaudiovisuales.com

Personal Spectator

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 13, 21:00 and Tuesday, June 17, 19:00 (SOUR)


Country of Origin: Belgium
Year of Production: 2005
Duration: 14’30“
Category: Fiction

Director: Emmanuel Jespers
Screenplay: Emmanuel Jespers
Cinematographer: Glynn Speeckaert
Editor: Emmanuel Jespers
Music: Marc Engels, Carine Zimmerlin
Producer: Emmanuel Jespers
Cast: Emily Hamilton, Tom Harper

Synopsis: In an almost deserted self-service a woman is accosted by a guy offering her a brand new and quick therapy to cure her seemingly bland existence: looking at her for 5 minutes, until she starts feeling that she exists. The woman thinks of a joke… It isn’t. And it has unpredictable consequences.

Festivals & Awards: Ghent International Film Festival Belgium (Best Film), Heart of Gold International Film Fest Australia 2007 (Nominee – Best Foreign Film), WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival USA 2007 (Best Comedy/Adaptation), Festival International du Film d’Amour de Mons Belgium 2007 (Arte Belgium Award), International Film Festival of Drama Greece 2007 (Best Actress: Emily Hamilton), Capalbio International Short Film Festival Italy 2007 (Best Subject), Festival Internacional de Filmets Badalona Spain 2007 (Best European Film, Best Actress: Emily Hamilton), Miami International Short Film Festival USA 2007 (Opening Ceremony, Nominee – Best Narrative Film), Interfilm Berlin Germany 2007 (Special Mention of Jury Award), Rhode Island International Film Festival USA 2007 (Opening Ceremony, Best Screenplay), Media 10-10 Belgium 2006 (Press Jury Award, BeTV Award), International Short Film Festival Detmold Germany 2007, Avignon International Film Festival 2007, Festival Le Court en Dit Long France 2007, Festival International du Film Independant Belgium 2007, International Short Film Festival Bristol UK 2007, Short Cuts Cologne Germany 2007, Festival International du Film d’Amiens France 2007, DC Shorts Int Short Film Fest USA 2007, Los Angeles Int Short Film Fest USA 2007, Woods Hole Int Film Fest USA 2007

Weblink: www.imdb.com/personal-spectator