The Man Who Knew A Lot (L’Homme Qui En Connaissait Un Rayon)

Screenings: Thursday, June 18, 2015, 19:00 and Saturday, June 20, 2015, 21:00 (SWEET)


Country of Origin: France
Year of Completion / First Public Screening: 2013
Running Time: 20′
Category: Fiction

Director: Alice Vial
Screenplay: Alice Vial
Cinematographer: Brice Pancot
Music: Emmanuel D’Orlando
Editor: Gregoire Pontecaille
Producer: Marc-Benoit Crenacier

Synopsis: Mister Beranger works at Paradesign, a big furniture store, where employees live in the mock-up rooms. Beranger himself resides in the cottage deparment and excels at promoting his „footrest dachshund“. His life seems perfectly settled until he gets promoted to the mysterious thirteenth floor…

Festivals & Awards:
The 8th Annual Red Rock Film Festibal 2014, USA
Festival International du film d’Afrique et des Iles 2014, Reunion
Yofi Film Festival 2014, USA
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014, UK
Kaoshiung Film Festival 2014, Taiwan
23 ème Festival International Séquence court métrage 2014, France
Festival Saint Paul Trois Chateaux 2014, France
Festival européen du Film Court de Brest 2014, France


German Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 19, 2015, 21:00 and Monday, June 22, 2015, 19:00 (SOUR)


Country of Origin: France
Year of Completion / First Public Screening: 2014
Running Time: 18’20“
Category: Fiction

Director: Oriane Polack
Screenplay: Alain Descheres

Synopsis: In an unknown country, armed militia have imposed a reign of terror. Two women find themselves thrown together as they flee with their children through the treacherous backcountry.

Festivals & Awards:
Festival de Douarnenez Douarnenez 2014, France
Peace and Love festival Falun 2014, Sweden
Sardinia Film Festival Sardinia 2014, Italy
Cinemadamare Stazzema 2014, Italy
Two Riverside Kazimierz Dolny 2014, Poland
Berlin Cinema Summer Party Berlin 2014, Germany
Cine a la Calle Bogota 2014, Colombia

After School (Après Les Cours)

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 19, 2015, 21:00 and Monday, June 22, 2015, 19:00 (SOUR)


Country of Origin: France
Year of Completion / First Public Screening: 2014
Running Time: 18′
Category: Fiction

Director: Guillaume Renusson
Screenplay: Clément Peny, Guillaume Renusson
Cinematographer: Noé Bach
Music: Olivier Militon
Editor: Joseph Comar
Producer: Frédéric de Goldschmidt, Benjamin Bonnet

Synopsis: Gerald, a shy and asthmatic teenager, follows his roommate Theo and his gang one night to try the game they secretly play…

Festivals & Awards:
Rhode Island International Film Festival
Philadelphia Film Festival
Berlin Short Film festival
Singapore International Film Festival
Kolkata Film Festival
Bermuda International Film Festival
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Tournez court St. Etienne
Ciné Banlieue


Mobile Homes

German Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, June 21, 19:00 and Tuesday, June 24, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin: USA, France
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 13′
Category: Fiction
Language: English without subtitles

Director: Vladimir de Fontenay
Screenplay: Vladimir de Fontenay
Cinematographer: Pepe Vila del Pino
Editor: Vladimir de Fontenay
Music: Vicky de la Vega
Producer: Colin Whitlow, Tati Barrantes
Cast: Alison Folland, David Call, Ash Devens

Synopsis: The story of a young woman, trapped in sex trafficking, and her son who explores an unlikely way out.
Inhalt: Die Geschichte einer jungen Frau gefangen im Sexhandel und ihres Sohnes, der einen unwahrscheinlichen Ausweg findet.

Festivals: Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (France, 2013), South by Southwest Film Festival and Conference (USA, 2013), Atlanta Film Festival (USA, 2013), Aspen Film Festival (USA, 2013), Sarasota Film Festival (USA, 2013), First Run Film Festival (USA, 2013), Maryland Film Festival (USA, 2013), Seattle Film Festival (USA, 2013), Kerala Film Festival (India, 2013), Champs-Élysées Film Festival (France, 2013), Concorto Film Festival (Italy, 2013), Indianapolis Film Festival (USA, 2013), Guanajuato International Film Festival (Mexico, 2013), Grenoble Film Festival (France, 2013), Rhode Island Film Festival (USA, 2013), Montreal World Film Festival (Canada, 2013), Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art (Ukraine, 2013), Athens International Film Festival (Greece, 2013), International Short Film Festival Winterthur (Switzerland, 2013), Chacun Son Court – Strasbourg Short Film Festival (France, 2013), Los Angeles Short Film Festival (USA, 2013), Woodstock Film Festival (USA, 2013), Milano Film Festival (Italy, 2013), Milwaukee Film Festival (USA, 2013), Fenêtres Sur Courts – Dijon Short Film Festival (France, 2013), Calgary International Short Film Festival (Canada, 2013), Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (USA, 2013), Tallgrass Film Festival (USA, 2013), Southern Screen Film Festival (USA, 2013), Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden, 2013), San Joaquin Film Festival (USA, 2013), Hong-Kong International Film Festival (China, 2014), Maremetraggio – Trieste International Short Film Festival (Italy, 2014), Minimalen Short Film Festival (Norway, 2014), Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma de Vincennes (France, 2014)
Awards: First Wasserman King Award, King Award in Screenwriting and National Board of Review Award at First Run Film Festival, Special Jury Award at Seattle Film Festival, SIGNIS Award Honorary Mention at Guanajuato International Film Festival



World Premiere

Screenings: Thursday, June 19, 19:00 and Saturday, June 21, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin: France
Year of Production: 2014
Duration: 18′
Category: Documentary
Language: French with English subtitles

Director: Valérie Osouf
Screenplay: Valérie Osouf
Cinematographer: Valérie Osouf
Editor: Valérie Pico
Producer: Jean-François Fernandez, Vincent Trintignant
Cast: Sylvia Haki

Synopsis: A very old woman tries to remember his past. Alzheimer allows her to hide and reinvent swathes of her existence. She remembered the Foxtrot dance and her Jewishness but forgot her own name, or rather her two names: Sylvia Lignon and Messaouada Haki.
Inhalt: Eine sehr alte Dame versucht sich an ihre Vergangenheit zu erinnern. Der Alzheimer erlaubt es ihr, weite Teile ihrer Existenz zu verstecken und neu zu erfinden. Sie erinnert sich an den Foxtrott und ihr Judentum, aber sie hat ihren eigenen Namen vergessen, oder eher ihre zwei Namen: Sylvia Lignon und Messaouada Haki.


La femme de Rio

German Premiere


Screenings: Friday, June 20, 19:00 and Monday, June 23, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin: France
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 21′
Category: Fiction
Language: French with English subtitles

Director: Emma Luchini
Cinematographer: Prune Brenguier
Editor: Matthieu Blanchard
Producer: Maxime Delauney, Romain Rousseau

Synopsis: Gabriel, a reformed alcoholic since three months, has locked himself in his flat and refuses to set foot outside. But one day Audrey, a young woman looking for her cell phone, succeeds in breaking into Alcatraz. The two get on immediately, but they are also unable to start anything serious. What if they decide to live their entire love story in one night?
Inhalt: Gabriel, ein seit drei Monaten geläuterter Alkoholiker, hat sich in seiner Wohnung eingeschlossen und weigert sich, ein Fuß vor die Tür zu setzen. Doch eines Tages gelingt es Audrey, einer jungen Frau auf der Suche nach ihrem Handy, in Alcatraz einzubrechen. Die zwei gefallen einander sofort, sind aber unfähig Etwas ernstes anzufangen. Was wäre, wenn sie sich entschieden, ihre ganze Liebesgeschichte in einer Nacht zu leben?

Festivals: Festival du Cinéma Européen de Bordeaux (France, 2013), Brussels Short Film Festival (France, 2013), Festival Court en Champagne (France, 2013), Festival Tous Courts (France, 2013), Festival premiers plans (France, 2014), Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France, 2014), Festival Honfleur Tout Court (France, 2014), Festival International du film court d’Altrkirch (France, 2014), Vienna Independent Shorts (Austria, 2014), Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (Japan, 2014), Côté Court (France, 2014), Festival du film court en Seine-Saint-Denis/Pantin (France, 2014)
Awards: Audience Award Festival du Cinéma Européen de Bordeaux, Award to the Best Actress at Brussels Short Film Festival, Audience Award at Festival Court en Champagne


Loneliness (Solitudes)

German Premiere

Screenings: Sunday, June 23, 19:00 (Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor) and Tuesday, June 25, 19:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin / Land: France, Romania
Year of Production / Jahr: 2012
Duration / Länge: 17′
Category / Kategorie: Fiction
Language / Sprache: French and Romanian with English subtitles

Director / Regie: Jedlicki Liova
Screenplay / Drehbuch: Badea Alexandra
Cinematographer / Kamera: Poupard Julien
Editor / Schnitt: Larre Laurence
Producer / Produktion: Bernard Tanguy
Main Cast / Darsteller: Oprea Razvan, Constantin Madalina

Synopsis: Overnight procedure after the rape of a young Romanian prostitute. She does not speak French. A Romanian translator must make the link between the administration and the victim.
Inhalt: Ein Blitzverfahren nach der Vergewaltigung einer jungen, rumänischen Prostituierten. Sie spricht kein Französisch, deshalb muss ein rumänischer Übersetzer die Verbindung zwischen der Behörde und dem Opfer herstellen.

Festivals: Festival Clermont Ferrand, Festival Itinerances, Ales Festival Combat, Josselin Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Lille, Festival Tout Courts, Aix en Provence, Festival MECAL, Barcelone, Rencontres Cinémaginaire, Argelès-sur-mer


Feral Painter

German Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 21, 19:00 and Monday, June 24, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin / Land: France
Year of Production / Jahr: 2012
Duration / Länge: 4′
Category / Kategorie: Experimental
Language / Sprache: No dialogue

Director / Regie: Frank Vroegop
Producer / Produktion: Pascal Chinarro

Synopsis: A feral organism is one that has changed from being domesticated to being wild or untamed.
Inhalt: Ein barbarisches Lebewesen ist eines, das von einem gezähmten zu einem ungezügelten und wilden wurde.

Festivals: Let’s All Be Free Festival 2012

Short of Breath (Le souffle court)

German Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 21, 21:00 and Monday, June 24, 19:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin / Land: France, USA
Year of Production / Jahr: 2012
Duration / Länge: 20′
Category / Kategorie: Fiction
Language / Sprache: French with English subtitles

Director / Regie: Guillaume Legrand
Screenplay / Drehbuch: Guillaume Legrand
Cinematographer / Kamera: Guilhem Touzery
Music / Musik: Benjamin Marchal
Editor / Schnitt: Alexandre Donot
Producer / Produktion: Léo Vilarem, Sullivan production
Cast / Darsteller: Manon Klein, Julien Lecannellier, Didier Jacques, Lucas Chatonnet, Augustin Mercier

Synopsis: Léa loves Arnaud. The young, carefree couple lives in an abandoned school. Didier, a small-time crook, offered this shelter in exchange for their help trafficking a child. Faced with this situation, the young woman hesitates. However, Léa loves Arnaud.
Inhalt: Lea liebt Anrnaud. Das junge, unbekümmerte Paar lebt in einer leer stehenden Schule, an die die Beiden durch ein Angebot des Kleinganoven Didier gekommen sind: der Unterschlupf steht im Austausch zu ihrer Hilfe bei einem Kinderhandel. Konfrontiert mit dieser Situation, zögert die junge Frau. Wie auch immer – Lea liebt Arnaud.

Festivals: 19th IFF Etiuda and Anima, Krakow, Poland, 7th Byron Bay Film Festival, Byron Bay, Australia, 31st Uruguay International Film Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay, 12th Rome Independent Film Festival, Rome, Italy, 21st Mediterranean Festival of New-Filmmakers, Larissa, Greece, 19th Bradford International Film Festival, Bradford, UK, 14th Jeonju International Film Festival, Jeonju, South Korea, Festival Coté Court 2013, Pantin, France
Awards: 19th IFF Etiuda and Anima, Krakow, Poland / Silver Dinosaur award, 7th Byron Bay Film Festival, Byron Bay, Australia / Best Short Film



German Premiere

Screenings: Thursday, June 20, 19:00 and Saturday, June 22, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin / Land: France
Year of Production / Jahr: 2012
Duration / Länge: 5′
Category / Kategorie: Short Fiction
Language / Sprache: No dialogue

Director / Regie: Charbel Ka
Producer / Produktion: Charbel Ka
Cast / Darsteller: Patrick O’Blin Jicey Carina

Synopsis: A former film director who has become homeless builds a camera out of recycled rubbish. Sitting in his cardboard lounge under a motorway bridge, with his camera made from bottles of scotch, he feeds his illusions – dreaming of continuing his work.
Inhalt: Ein obdachloser Filmregisseur konstruiert sich eine Kamera aus Überresten und Altwaren. In seiner Sitzecke aus Pappkarton unter einer Autobahnbrücke hält er seine Illusion am Leben: den Traum, seine Arbeit fortzusetzen.

Festivals: Busho Film Festival, Budapest,2012, Rencontres du court de Montpellier, 2012, Fest’Yves arts, Etel, 2013, Let’s All Be Free Film Festival, London, 2013, Festival Tomatrope, Arles, 2013
Awards: Fest’Yves arts, Etel, 2013, Best Univers Award