Silence (Stille)

Screening: Sunday, June 15, 19:00 (GIRLFRIENDS)


Country of Origin: France/Germany
Year of Production: 2006
Duration: 10’19“
Category: Fiction

Director: Corinna Thamm
Screenplay: Corinna Thamm
Cinematographer: Sonia Charoki, Jeremy Forni
Editor: Corinna Thamm
Music: Michael Bunn
Cast: Martin Boulou, Alexandra Boye, Chantal Dehaene, Laure Hunot, Francois Mueller, Philippe Vidal

Synopsis: After his father’s death, Tristan returns to his parental house. Back in the place, where his father once sexually abused his sister, he understands that the time has come to break the silence.

Festivals & Awards: „La corrida audiovisuelle“ Toulouse France 2007