Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, June 20, 2015, 19:00 and Monday, June 22, 2015, 21:00 (BITTER)


Country of Origin: India
Year of Completion / First Public Screening: 2014
Running Time: 9’00“
Category: Documentary

Director: Megha Ramaswamy
Screenplay: Megha Ramaswamy
Cinematographer: Satya Rai Paul
Music: Pritam, Patrick Pedersen, Dark Ambient Inner Devil
Editor: Anand Gandhi, Rohit Pandey
Producer: Sohum Shah, Anand Gandhi, Ruchi Bhimani

Synopsis: In this moving documentary, the survivors of acid attacks tell us their story.

Festivals & Awards:
Tiff ’14 Shorts Cuts Programme
Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival
3rd Delhi Short International Film Festival
LA No Budget Film Festival
Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival
Jaipur International Film Festival
IndiEarth XChange 2014, Chennai
4th UNA Pasadena Film Festival
Panchkula Literature Festival
Reno Tahoe International Film Festival
Prague Short Film Festival
11th International Human Rights Film Festival Of Paris


Love. Love. Love.

German Premiere

Screenings: Thursday, June 19, 19:00 and Saturday, June 21, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin: Russia, India
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 11′
Category: Documentary
Language: Russian with English subtitles

Director: Sandhya Daisy Sundaram
Screenplay: Sandhya Daisy Sundaram
Cinematographer: Alexey Filippov
Editor: Sandhya Daisy Sundaram
Producer: Tanya Petrik, Guillaume Protsenko

Synopsis: Every year, through the endless winters, her love takes new shapes and forms.
Inhalt: Jedes Jahr, den ganzen endlosen Winter hindurch, nimmt ihre Liebe neue Formen und Ausdrücke an.

Festivals: Palm Springs International ShortFest (USA, 2014), Sydney Film Festival (Australia, 2014), Big Sur International Short Film Festival (USA, 2014), Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia (Japan, 2014), Seattle International Film Fest (USA, 2014), International Eskisehir Film Festival (Turkey, 2014), Sundance London Film and Music Festival (UK, 2014), Darklight Film Festival (Ireland, 2014), Dvijenie Film Festival (Russia, 2014), Nashville Film Festival (USA, 2014), Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (USA, 2014), IAWRT Film Festival (India, 2014), Angkor Wat International Film Festival (Cambodia, 2014), Sundance Film Festival (USA, 2014), Kanyakumari International Film Festival (India, 2013), Hangzhou Asian Film Festival (China, 2013), Vilnius Film Shorts (Lithuania, 2013), Baghdad International Film Festival (Iraq, 2013), One Voice International Film Festival (UK, 2013), Huesca International Film Festival (Spain, 2014)
Awards: Special Jury Award for Non-Fiction at Sundance Film Festival (2014), Best Short Film at Dvijenie Film Festival, Jury Honorable Mention at Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (2014), Honorable Mention for Best Documentary Short Film at Nashville Film Festival (2014), Best Documentary at One Voice International Film Festival (2013)


Portrait of a Fair

World Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 20, 19:00 and Monday, June 23, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin: India
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 11′
Category: Documentary
Language: Gujarati with English subtitles

Director: Mustaqeem Khan
Cinematographer: Mustaqeem Khan, Hansil Dabhi
Editor: Mustaqeem Khan
Producer: Hansil Dabhi

Synopsis: A tour through a fair, in a village many kilometers away from the city.
Inhalt: Eine Tour durch ein Volksfest in einem Dorf, viele Kilometer von der Stadt entfernt.


Little Terrorist

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, March 25, 2006, 12:30 and Sunday, March 26, 2006, 17:30 (UMAMI); Wednesday, March 28, 2007, 18:00 (BEST OF 2006)


Country of Origin: India
Year of Production: 2004
Duration: 15′
Category: Fiction

Director: Ashvin Kumar
Screenplay: Ashvin Kumar
Cinematographer: Markus Huersch
Editor: Ashvin Kumar
Sound: Roland Heap
Music: Nainita Desai feat. Kohinoor Langa & Party
Producer: Ashvin Kumar
Cast: Salim Ali Khan, Sushil Sharma, Meghnaa Mehtta

Synopsis: Jamal, a 12 year old Muslim Pakistani mistakenly crosses the border between India and Pakistan, finding an unusual ally in a Hindu Brahmin, Bhola. Indian soldiers descend on Bhola’s village searching for the ‚terrorist‘ who crossed over. His neice Rani, insists they can’t let a Muslim into their Hindu home. With Bhola and Rani grappling with the consequences of harboring a Pakistani and their deep-set prejudice against Muslims, Jamal’s only hope is the humanity shared by a people separated by artificial boundaries a long time ago. Based on a TRUE STORY: In early 2003 – a twelve year old Pakistani boy crossed the Indo Pak border by mistake. Indian Prime Minister Atal Bhihari Vajpaee, amidst PR fanfare, restored the boy to his family in Pakistan, kicking off the thaw in tensions between these two nuclear countries who came so close to war less than a year earlier.

Festivals & Awards: Montreal World Film Festival 2004 (Winner First Prize), Sao Paulo Int. Short Film Festival 2004 (Audience Favourite), Palm Springs Int. Short Film Festival 2004, Telluride Film Festival 2004, Manhattan Short Film Festival 2004 (Winner Best Film), Flanders Film Festival 2004 (Winner Best Film), Cork Film Festival 2004, London International Film Festival 2004, Tehran Film Festival 2004 (Winner Grand Prize), Bangkok Film Festival 2005, Rotterdam Film Festival 2005, Academy Awards 2005 (Nomination Live Action Short), European Academy Awards 2005 (Nomination), Kinofilm Film Festival Manchester 2005, Cinequest Film Festival 2005, Tampere Film Festival 2005, Aspen Short Film Festival 2005 (Honorable Mention), Reelworld Film Festival 2005 (Winner Bell Expressvu Award), Washington DC International Film Festival 2005, Newport Beach Film Festival 2005, Tribeca Film Festival 2005, San Francisco Int. Film Festival 2005, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2005, Almeria en Corto 2005 (Winner), Sydney Film Festival 2005, Bollywood and Beyond Stuttgart 2005, Sarajevo Film Festival 2005, Salento International Film Festival 2005 (Winner), Interfilm Berlin 2005, Mumbai Int. Film Festival 2006 (Winner)