You Have A Problem

Screenings: Sunday, June 21, 2015, 19:00 and Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 19:00 (SALTY)


Countries of Origin: Russia, USA
Year of Completion / First Public Screening: 2014
Running Time: 08’59“
Category: Fiction

Director: Lena Tsodykovskaya
Screenplay: Lena Tsodykovskaya
Cinematographer: Lena Tsodykovskaya
Music: Lena Tsodykovskaya
Producer: Bogdan Apetri

Synopsis: Denis, a Russian teenager obsessed with American TV, struggles to convince his family to throw an intervention for his older brother’s drinking problem. The only thing is, none of them have any idea of what an intervention actually is.


Love. Love. Love.

German Premiere

Screenings: Thursday, June 19, 19:00 and Saturday, June 21, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin: Russia, India
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 11′
Category: Documentary
Language: Russian with English subtitles

Director: Sandhya Daisy Sundaram
Screenplay: Sandhya Daisy Sundaram
Cinematographer: Alexey Filippov
Editor: Sandhya Daisy Sundaram
Producer: Tanya Petrik, Guillaume Protsenko

Synopsis: Every year, through the endless winters, her love takes new shapes and forms.
Inhalt: Jedes Jahr, den ganzen endlosen Winter hindurch, nimmt ihre Liebe neue Formen und Ausdrücke an.

Festivals: Palm Springs International ShortFest (USA, 2014), Sydney Film Festival (Australia, 2014), Big Sur International Short Film Festival (USA, 2014), Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia (Japan, 2014), Seattle International Film Fest (USA, 2014), International Eskisehir Film Festival (Turkey, 2014), Sundance London Film and Music Festival (UK, 2014), Darklight Film Festival (Ireland, 2014), Dvijenie Film Festival (Russia, 2014), Nashville Film Festival (USA, 2014), Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (USA, 2014), IAWRT Film Festival (India, 2014), Angkor Wat International Film Festival (Cambodia, 2014), Sundance Film Festival (USA, 2014), Kanyakumari International Film Festival (India, 2013), Hangzhou Asian Film Festival (China, 2013), Vilnius Film Shorts (Lithuania, 2013), Baghdad International Film Festival (Iraq, 2013), One Voice International Film Festival (UK, 2013), Huesca International Film Festival (Spain, 2014)
Awards: Special Jury Award for Non-Fiction at Sundance Film Festival (2014), Best Short Film at Dvijenie Film Festival, Jury Honorable Mention at Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (2014), Honorable Mention for Best Documentary Short Film at Nashville Film Festival (2014), Best Documentary at One Voice International Film Festival (2013)


My Love (Moya Lybov)

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Thursday, June 12, 19:00 and Saturday, June 14, 21:00 (SWEET)


Country of Origin: Russia
Year of Production: 2006
Duration: 27′
Category: Animation

Director: Alexander Petrov
Screenplay: Alexander Petrov, Michail Tumelya, Tatyana Pavlovich
Cinematographer: Sergey Reshetnokov
Editor: Anna Brunchugina
Music: Norman Roger, Denis Chartrand
Producer: Dmitry Yurkov, Konstantin Ernst, Keichi Miura, Takashi Yoshimura
Cast: Alexander Palamishev, Alexandra Zhivova, Evgenia Krukova, Sergey Garmash, Alexander Oleshko, Nina Ruslanova, Oleg Sherbenin, Julia Artyemova, Mikhail Lukashev, Gergy Malikov, Nikolay Makikov, Mikhail Georgiu, Ekaterina Afrikantova, Ekaterina Shankina, Nastya Dobrynina, Vanya Dobrynin, Ilya Sherbenin

Synopsis: The scene of action is laid in Moscow of 90th years of XIX century, with a sonorous spring and a summer downpour. The protagonist Anton is sixteen years old high-school student. The dreams of lofty feelings carry him away to another reality, but the daily life returns him to the routine actuality. Nevertheless, he looks for something the bright and pure in this life. Anton is full of romanticism and heroism and He is looking for his unique beloved, to whom he’ll give his first feelings.

Festivals & Awards: Los Angeles International Film Festival USA 2008 (Oscar Nomination For Best Animated Short), Teheran International Animation Festival Iran 2007 (Grand Prix), Russian Animation Festival Suzdal Russia 2007 (Grand Prix), Dresden International Festival for Animation and Short Film Germany 2007 (Grand Prix: Golden Horseman), „Message to Man“ Film Festival St. Petersburg Russia 2007 (Grand Prix), Golden Knight International Film Festival Russia 2007 (Best Animation), Melbourne International Animation Festival Australia 2007 (Best Film, Audience Award), Hiroshima International Animation Festival Japan 2006 (Jury Award, Audience Award), 49th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film Germany 2006 (FIPRESCI Jury Prize), Balkanima International Animated Film Festival Belgrade Serbia 2006 (Diploma in category more then 10 min), 29th International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand France 2007, Brussels Cartoon & Animated Film Festival Belgium 2007, “Anima Mundi” Film Festival Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2007, “ESPINHO Cinanima“ International Animated Film Festival Portugal 2006

Weblink: http://moya-lubov