The Bear Family Secret (O Segredo Da Família Urso)

European Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, June 20, 2015, 19:00 and Monday, June 22, 2015, 21:00 (BITTER)


Country of Origin: Brazil
Year of Completion / First Public Screening: 2014
Running Time: 20’00“
Category: Fiction

Director: Cíntia Domit Bittar
Screenplay: Will Martins, Cíntia Domit Bittar
Cinematographer: Marx Vamerlatti
Music: Mateus Mira
Editor: Cíntia Domit Bittar
Producer: Ana Paula Mendes, Carol Gesser, Cíntia Domit Bittar, Will Martins

Synopsis: During the military dictatorship of 1970s Brazil, an eight year-old girl suddenly finds her playroom locked. When her parents aren’t looking, she steals the key off the hook…

Festivals & Awards:
10º Fantaspoa Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantástico de Porto Alegre, Brazil 2014: Best Short Film (Jury Award)
21º Festival Latinoamericano de Vídeo e Artes Audiovisuales, Argentina 2014: Best Actor
8º Buried Alive – Atlanta Independent Horror Film Festival, USA 2014: Best Short Film
Morbido Film Fest, México 2014
Zinema Zombie, Colombia 2014
19º CINE-PE Festival Audiovisual, Brazil 2015: Best Director, Actress, Art Direction and Sound Editing
Rio de Janeiro Intl Short Film Festival, Brazil 2014
Janela Internacional de Recife, Brazil 2104



International Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 20, 19:00 and Monday, June 23, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin : Brazil
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 18′
Category: Documentary
Language: Portuguese with English subtitles

Directors: Alexandre Wahrhaftig, Helena Ungaretti, Miguel Antunes Ramos
Screenplay: Miguel Antunes Ramos
Cinematographer: Alexandre Wahrhaftig
Editor: Lia Kulakauskas
Producer: Juliana Donato, Gustavo Rosa de Moura
Cast: Silvio Restiffe

Synopsis: Parking. Park-ing. From the verb „to park“. From the old French „parc“: legal term for the land held by royal grant for keeping game animals.
Inhalt: Parking. Park-ing. Vom englischen Verb „to park“. Vom alten französischen Wort „parc“: der rechtmäßige Begriff für das Stück Land, in dem die königliche Liga ihr Wild hält.

Festivals: 17th Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes (Brazil), It’s all True – International Dcoumentary Film Festival (Brazil)
Awards: Best Short Film at It’s all True – International Documentary Film Festival


Brazil by Pero Vaz de Caminha (O Brasil de Pero Vaz Caminha)

European Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, June 23, 19:00 (City Kinos) and Monday, June 25, 21:00 (

Country of Origin: Brazil
Year of Production: 2011
Duration: 18′
Category: Fiction

Director: Bruno Laet
Screenplay: Cecilia Vasconcelos, Tania Carvalho, Janaina Diniz, Bruno Laet, Os Empoeirados
Cinematographer: Fernando Demello, Bruno Laet
Music: Davi Moraes, Zé Ricardo, Arnaldo Antunes
Producer: Janaina Diniz, Tania Carvalho
Cast: Isnard Manso and Ruy Guerra

Synopsis: In 1500, Pero Vaz de Caminha wrote a letter to inform the king of the Portugal about the discovery of Brazil. With humor and irony, the film confronts two Brazils: the one described by Caminha and the one we know today.
Inhalt: Im Jahr 1500 schrieb Pero Vaz de Caminha einen Brief an den portugiesischen König, um ihm von der Entdeckung Brasiliens zu berichten. Auf humorvolle und ironische Weise stellt der Film zwei Länder gegenüber: das von Caminha beschriebene Brasilien und das Land, das wir heute kennen.

Festivals: Mostra Competitiva do Cinema Popular Brasileiro 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; VI Cine MuBE 2011 São Paulo, Brazil; VII Fest Aruanda João Pessoa, Brazil; III Festival de Cinema da Fronteira Bagé, Brazil
Awards: 2nd Best Short Film by Popular Vote at 1st Mostra Competitiva do Cinema Popular Brasileiro Rio de Janeiro 2011; Best Director Award at VI Cine MuBE São Paulo 2011; Best Documentary Short Film Award and Best Edition Award at VII Fest Aruanda João Pessoa; Best Screenwriter Award at III Festival de Cinema da Fronteira Bagé


Which cheese do you want? (Qual queijo você quer?)

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 22, 19:00 (City Kinos) and Tuesday, June 26, 19:00 (

Country of Origin: Brazil
Year of Production: 2011
Duration: 11′
Category: Fiction

Director: Cíntia Domit Bittar
Screenplay: Cíntia Domit Bittar
Cinematographer: Denny Sach
Music: Mateus Mira
Editor: Cíntia Domit Bittar
Producer: Cíntia Domit Bittar, Ana Paula Mendes, Carol Gesser
Cast: Amélia Bittencourt Henrique César

Synopsis: A simple request – Could you bring me some cheese from the store? – triggers a relationship discussion between an old couple, in this amusing dramatic comedy.
Inhalt: Die einfache Frage „Kannst du mir etwas Käse vom Einkaufen mitbringen?“ wird in dieser lustigen und gleichzeitig dramatischen Komödie zum Auslöser des Streits eines älteren Paares.

Festivals:15º Festival du Court-Métrage de Brusells, Belgium; 8º International Short Film Festival Detmold, Germany; 4º Paulínia Festival de Cinema 2011, Brazil, 39º Festival de Cinema de Gramado 2011; 22º Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de São Paulo, Brazil; 11º Goiânia Mostra Curtas, Brazil; 13º Festival do Rio, Brazil; 21º Curta Cinema – Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 8º Amazonas Film Festival, Brazil; 3º Amazonia DOC 2011, Brazil; 7º Mostra da Conquista, Brazil; 8ª Mostra Competitiva Audiovisual de Ribeirão Preto, Brazil; Mostra Audiovisual Campinas, Brazil; 3º Festival Audiovisual Manuel Padeiro de Cinema e Animação, Brazil; 10º Primeiro Plano Festival de Cinema de Juiz de Fora, Brazil; 3º Festival de Cinema de Montes Claros, Brazil; 1º FAÇA – Festival do Audiovisual Catarinense, Brazil; 2º CineramaBC – Festival Internacional de Balneáario Camboriú, Brazil; 16º Cine PE Festival do Audiovisual, Brazil; 2º Festival LUME de Cinema, Brazil; 6º FAIA – Festival de Atibaia Internacional do Audiovisual, Brazil
Awards: Best Movie at Rio Int’l Film Festival 2011, Brazil; Best Actress at Amazonas Film Festival 2011, Brazil; Best Actress, Best Actor, Best soundtrack at Primeiro Plano Juiz de Fora 2011, Brazil; Best Film for Reflection at Cine PE Recife 2012, Brazil; Juri Prize at Festival do Audiovisual Catarinense Florianópolis 2012, Brazil


Awfully Deep

German Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 17, 19:00 and Tuesday, June 21, 19:00 (SOUR)


Country of Origin: United Kingdom, Brazil
Year of Production: 2010
Duration: 13′
Category: Fiction

Director: Daniel Florêncio
Screenplay: Daniel Florêncio
Cinematographer: Azul Serra
Editor: Nadia Iqbal
Music: Patrick Moore
Producer: Damien Cullen

Synopsis: Edward, Susan and their son Lino live a nice life in the suburbs, having all that their bourgeois life can afford. Then, one day and without warning, stinky, brown, doughy ’stuff‘ starts appearing outside their expensive and luxurious home. Who’s gonna clean it?
Inhalt: Eine Parabel auf Klassen- und Schichtendenken: Edward, Susan und ihr Sohn Lino leben in einem gutbürgerlichen englischen Vorort. Als sich eines Tages eine stinkende, braune Masse um ihr luxuriöses Heim legt, ignorieren sie den Vorschlag des Sohnes, selbst sauberzumachen. Das sei nicht ihr Job. Doch die braune Masse breitet sich immer weiter aus.

Festivals: Festival de Science Fiction de Nantes, 2010; Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival, 2011
Awards: Honourable Mention, Athens International Film Festival, 2011


The Age Of Men (A Idade Do Homem)

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, March 25, 2006, 20:00 and Sunday, March 26, 2006, 15:00 (BITTER)


Country of Origin: Brazil
Year of Production: 2004
Duration: 15’00“
Category: Fiction

Director: Afonso Nunes
Screenplay: Afonso Nunes
Cinematographer: Luis Abramo
Editor: Clarissa Campolina, Sergio Borges
Production Designer: Marney Heitmann
Producer: Márcia Valadares
Cast: Adílson Maghá, Zezé Motta, Jai Baptista, Camilo Lélis, Luciane Oliveira

Synopsis: A man, a room, a bathroom and a time that won’t be over. The short film is about the life of an absolutely unconventional couple. The characters have no name, and could be any of countless people lost within themselves around the world. Through sound research and image experimentation, the director tries to establish a link between time and madness, in a frenetic search for the characters’ break of paradigms. What is the difference between death and the past? Life and loneliness? The Age of Man brings to light the fragments and textures of vague images in time. An intellectual immersed in his own private universe. Aggressive and selfish, he has no plans in life, and is only led by his basic needs: sleeping, waking up, getting up, going to the bathroom, shaving, thinking, not thinking, getting old, getting young and having sex. He shares the most morbid disappointments and reflections with his female partner. It is not clear whether this woman is real or just imaginary. She could be either his own divan or alter ego. It seems that this feminine “creation” has never disagreed or disapproved of any of his ideas. “She is aware of the lack of affection in which he tries to hide himself and, therefore, does not consider him rational, just limited in his innate selfishness”, explains Afonso Nunes. Free of Manichaeism and propagandism, The Age of Man is about the territory of those excluded from themselves, of those who cannot adapt to their natural habitat, their persona. A short film that brings to light the fragments and textures of vague images in an indefinite time, where a couple represents the chrononogical alienation of age.

Festivals & Awards: Festival de Gramado 2004 (Best Art Direction), Festival Internacional de Curtas de São Paulo 2004 (Jameson Short Film Award), Vitória cine Vídeo 2004, Festival do Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira 2004, Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro 2004, Mostra de Tiradentes 2005, Mostra do Filme Livre 2005, Cine PE-Pernambuco 2005, FAM – Florianópolis 2005, Festival de Inverno de Ouro Preto 2005, Brazilian Film Festival of Miami 2005, NY Brazilian Film Festival (Best Short Film), Sofia International Film Festival 2005, Tampere Film Festival 2005, Festival Côté Court Pantin 2005, Festival InCurt Barcelona 2005, Festival du court métrage de Bruxelles 2005, Anifest Trebon 2005, Kortfilmfestival Grimstad 2005, Message To Man St. Petersburg 2005, Festival de Curtas Metragens de Vila do Conde 2005, Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica Venezia 2005, Drama International Short Film Festival 2005, Cork Film Festival 2005, Stockholm International Film Festival 2005, Brief Encounters Bristol 2005, Short Cuts Cologne 2005