One, Two, Three, Volcano! (Um, dois, três, vulcão!)

International Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 21, 19:00 and Monday, June 24, 21:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin / Land: Brazil
Year of Production / Jahr: 2012
Duration / Länge: 19′
Category / Kategorie: Fiction
Language / Sprache: Portuguese with English subtitles

Director / Regie: Miguel Ramos
Screenplay / Drehbuch: Miguel Ramos, Rafael Nantes
Cinematographer / Kamera: Alexandre Wahrhaftig, Cauê Laratta
Music / Musik: Luís Labaki
Editor / Schnitt: Rafael Nantes
Producer / Produktion: Catarina Bassoti, Julia Alves de Oliveira
Cast / Darsteller: Gabriel Nascimento, Thaís Medeiros

Synopsis: Young engineer, Cristóvão meet Joana, a image technician. Together, they walk through their spaces, trying to share experiences and testing limits. But despair round, silent.
Inhalt: Der junge Ingenieur Cristóvão trifft die Industriedesignerin Joana. Gemeinsam laufen sie durch ihre konstruierten Welten, teilen Erfahrungen, testen Grenzen aus. Aber ringsherum herrscht Hoffnungslosigkeit und Schweigen.

Festivals: Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Universitário
Awards: Prize for Artistic Contribution, Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Universitário

She’s a Blur

European Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 18, 21:00 and Tuesday, June 22, 19:00 (SOUR)


Country of Origin / Land: Brazil, USA / Brasilien, USA
Year of Production / Jahr: 2009
Duration / Länge: 19’00“
Category / Kategorie: Fiction

Director / Regie: Gandja Monteiro
Screenplay / Drehbuch: Gandja Monteiro, Hannah B. Schick
Cinematographer / Kamera: Doug Emmett
Editor / Schnitt: Gandja Monteiro, Brandon Harris, Nick Kaye, Veronique Doumbe
Music / Musik: The Books, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, Joanna Newsom, Blind Willie Johnson
Producer / Produktion: Gandja Monteiro, Melonie Diaz
Cast / Darsteller: Hannah B. Schick, Jason Catalano, Stas May, Sky Koltun, Jose Estevez, Gandja Monteiro

Synopsis: Barely an adult, 21 year-old Jack moves from her small town in North Dakota to New York City. Finding herself swept up into the beautiful chaos of the city, of youth, of womanhood, of becoming an artist – she loses herself. In an attempt to break into something new and to escape the routine, to perhaps uncover a new self or maybe to simply feel beautiful – she agrees to sit for an established painter. When she realizes his intentions are more then she expected, she feels violated and crushed. Disappointed and disgusted, Jack plunges into an even deeper depression. A seemingly unshakeable feeling that life is quickly loosing its substance takes hold. So she sets to the streets, riding her bicycle through Manhattan, through the crowds, through the fog, through it all. She struggles to keep her job at a print shop job and her own inspiration as a writer suffers greatly. Gradually a new form of focus and expression forms and she finds herself biking through the streets of New York with a big bag of chalk stopping every now and again to write an old quote on the concrete. This simple communion of words that were said before but are again being written provides Jack with the inspiration to get over it and get on with it.
Inhalt: Die gerade erwachsene Jack verlässt ihre dörfliche Heimat für die grosse Stadt New York City. Da wird sie in das schöne Chaos der Stadt hineingezogen. Die Entwicklung ihrer Kunst und ihre Reifung als Frau prägen sich in ihrer einzigartigen Beziehung mit New York City aus.

Festivals & Awards: Fusion Film Festival USA 2009 (Winner, Best Undergraduate Director Award), NYU First Run Film Festival USA 2009