The Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II – The Secret of Kottlitz Castle (Der Goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2 – Das Geheimnis von Schloss Kottlitz)

Screenings: Wednesday, June 18, 19:00 (BOYFRIENDS)

Standfoto - Der Goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2

Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2008
Duration: 45’41“
Category: Fiction

Director: Lasse Nolte
Screenplay: Lasse Nolte
Cinematographer: David Emmenlauer
Editor: Lasse Nolte
Music: Tuomas Kantelinen, Knorkator, Killing Noise, Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle
Producer: Martin Blankemeyer, Cornel Schaefer, Robin Schaefer, Christl Catanzaro, Damien Donnelly, Mike Dehghan, Daniel Froehlich
Cast: Daniel Krauss, Goetz Burger, Hendrik Martz, Walter Stapper, Kim Baermann and Oliver Kalkofe

Synopsis: If things were up to General Donovan, then the Military Secret Service of the United States would take care of really important things, of which there are plenty in this Autumn of 1942. Let the Waffen-SS search for Atlantis and dance around Germanic Druid Stones – who believes in the occult of „Wunderwaffen“ or „miracle weapons“ anyway? At least no straightforward American patriot, only pathetic wimps like William Blazkowicz, the only person at the OSS who wears glasses. But then… can you dare risk to ignore explicit warnings? Secretly shot films? Evidence? What is really happening in Kottlitz Castle? Who killed Smokey Savallas? What kind of research is the „Ahnenerbe der SS“ involved in? Who stole Count Dracula’s bones from a crypt in Wallachia? And where’s the connection between a fanatic SS General, underground laboratories full of German scientists, and a huge pit filled with molten gold? Questions, questions… and of all people William Blazkowicz is being smuggled into the Austrian Alps to find answers. But no one could ever imagine in the wildest of dreams what Blazkowicz is going to unearth at Kottlitz Castle…

Festivals & Awards: „Sehsuechte“ Potsdam Germany 2008 (Nominee for Producers Award), Medienhaus Hannover Germany 2008


The Prisoner Of The Month (Der Häftling Des Monats)

Screening: Wednesday, June 18, 19:00 (BOYFRIENDS)

Standfoto "Häftling des Monats"

Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2005
Duration: 23′
Category: Fiction

Director: Mario Dircks
Screenplay: Mario Dircks
Cinematographer: Edwin Krieg
Editor: Uli Schön
Music: Steffen Kaltschmid
Producer: Axel Donath
Cast: Mike Langhans, Johanna Falckner, Benjamin Koller, Daniel Bucher

Synopsis: A young man walks home when he gets stopped and arrested by two policeman. In the cellar of a police station, he is thrown into a dirty cell. After he recovered of the first fright, he assesses that there is also a young girl in this cell. First of all he thinks, she got arrested the same way, but soon he realizes, that she is part of a cruel and inhuman story, that forces the young man to change he’s world picture or to die yet in this night.

Festivals & Awards: Portobello Film Festival UK


The Secret Adventures Of The Projectionist

Screening: Wednesday, June 18, 19:00 (BOYFRIENDS)


Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2008
Duration: 3’15“
Category: Fiction

Director: Max Sacker
Screenplay: Max Sacker, Heleen Gerritsen
Cinematographer: Dustin Wallrap
Editor: Max Sacker
Music: Dmitri Petrovski
Cast: Nikolai Kinski, Senta Dorothea Kirschner, Mark Gisbourne

Synopsis: The Secret Adventures of the Projectionist starring Nikolai Kinski and Senta Dorothea Kirschner, tells the (very short) story of a cinema projectionist (Kinski) who becomes entangled in a dangerous liaison with a silver screen femme fatale (Kirschner). Spanning several cinema styles from silent movie to sword and scandals Technicolor to Film Noir, the film was shot on 16mm film in under four days in Berlin, Germany using old cameras from the Soviet Union.


Heart’s Beating (Herz Sticht)

Screening: Wednesday, June 18, 19:00 (BOYFRIENDS)


Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2006
Duration: 22′
Category: Fiction

Director: Mario Wimmer
Screenplay: Mario Wimmer
Cinematographer: Christian Schraml
Editor: Mario Wimmer, Christian Schraml, Stefan Lülf, Julia Goltsche
Cast: Andreas Speth, Antonia Goltsche, Stefan Lülf, Dominik Sennes, Benjamin Driller, Maximilian Poidinger

Synopsis: In a small Bavarian village a catastrophy has to be avoided: the innkeeper’s daughter wants to marry a Prussian boy, who just moved into the town. The mayor’s son doesn’t want to marry at all and the group of regulars, as always, wants the opposite. What a relief to know that the mayor is the one who makes the decisions. Everything is clear now, isn’t it?

Festivals & Awards: „Jugend filmt“ Landshut Gemany 2007 (Best Screenplay), Jufinale Oberbayern Germany 2007 (Young Filmmaker Award), Bavarian Film Festival Of Amateurs Falkenstein Germany 2008 (Bavarian Lion), Bavarian Jufinale Germany 2008