Heart’s Beating (Herz Sticht)

Screening: Wednesday, June 18, 19:00 (BOYFRIENDS)


Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2006
Duration: 22′
Category: Fiction

Director: Mario Wimmer
Screenplay: Mario Wimmer
Cinematographer: Christian Schraml
Editor: Mario Wimmer, Christian Schraml, Stefan Lülf, Julia Goltsche
Cast: Andreas Speth, Antonia Goltsche, Stefan Lülf, Dominik Sennes, Benjamin Driller, Maximilian Poidinger

Synopsis: In a small Bavarian village a catastrophy has to be avoided: the innkeeper’s daughter wants to marry a Prussian boy, who just moved into the town. The mayor’s son doesn’t want to marry at all and the group of regulars, as always, wants the opposite. What a relief to know that the mayor is the one who makes the decisions. Everything is clear now, isn’t it?

Festivals & Awards: „Jugend filmt“ Landshut Gemany 2007 (Best Screenplay), Jufinale Oberbayern Germany 2007 (Young Filmmaker Award), Bavarian Film Festival Of Amateurs Falkenstein Germany 2008 (Bavarian Lion), Bavarian Jufinale Germany 2008

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