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Münchner Filmwerkstatt Munich Filmwerkstatt is an association of young directors, producers and other members of the filmmaking community, supporting each other’s films and careers. Some of the members‘ films, in addition to those outside the organization, are produced and/or distributed by Munich Filmwerkstatt.
Munich Filmwerkstatt
CommClub München CommClub Munich welcomes everyone starting or established in the communication industry. With the motto „Collecting knowledge and strengthening personal networking“, a widespread range of events and meetings are offered, focusing on information, networking and fun. CommClub Munich is dedicated to the media industry in Munich and fulfills its obligation by bringing people from various branches together.
CommClub Munich

in cooperation with Munich’s largest movie theatre



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Toytown Munich - Munich's English-language community website

Toytown Munich – Munich’s English-language community website

Mediencampus Bayern

Media Campus Bavaria

Italienisches Kulturinstitut

Italian Cultural Institute


Early Bird Films


Michael Dorka

Michael Dorka

The festival is operated under the patronage of

Union Internationale du Cinéma


which bestows the most innovative film with an award endowed by

Sponsored by Kodak


with film material for the filmmaker’s next project.