World Premiere

Screenings: Sunday, June 22, 19:00 and Tuesday, June 24, 19:00 (Monopol-Kino)


Country of Origin: Israel
Year of Production: 2014
Duration: 11′
Category: Fiction
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

Director: Maya Meiri
Screenplay: Maya Meiri
Cinematographer: Roee Keren
Editor: Or li-tal
Producer: Mati Hanya, Lidor Leibovich
Cast: Salwa Nakra, Istabrak, Ayelet Robinson, Neta Orbach

Synopsis: Hanin and her mother Suad work together in a butchery. There are many things they leave aside, things they do not dare to talk about.
Inhalt: Hanin und ihre Mutter Suad arbeiten gemeinsam in einer Metzgerei. Es gibt viele Dinge, die sie beiseite lassen. Dinge, über die sie nicht zu sprechen wagen.