The Godmother

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Friday, June 18, 19:00 and Monday, June 21, 21:00 (SALTY)


Country of Origin / Land: USA, Israel
Year of Production / Jahr: 2009
Duration / Länge: 15’00“
Category / Kategorie: Fiction

Director / Regie: Lior Chefetz
Screenplay / Drehbuch: Lior Chefetz, Ben Fast
Cinematographer / Kamera: Rob Connolly
Editor / Schnitt: Jon Bernbaum
Music / Musik: Austin Wintory
Producer / Produktion: Ian Dickinson, Andres Rodriguez Franco
Cast / Darsteller: Ron Yuan, Elizabeth Bond, Camden Toy, Geroja Umano

Synopsis: In this quick paced romantic-action-comedy, Rosella Wu (Elizabeth Bond, Nip/Tuck, CSI: Miami), a fickle, capricious but heartful young wife is convinced by her overbearing mother to kill her no-good mobster husband, Danny (Ron Yuan, Fast & Furious, Prison Break, Pushing Daisies, Entourage). But when Danny quits the mob and cleans up his act, she tries to cancel the hit. Except she’s too late – the hitman (Camden Toy, Buffy the vampire slayer) crashes into the house, guns blazing! Now Rosella must stop the hitman, prevent Danny from finding out it was her, and stand up to her dictatorial mother (Georja Umano) who still wants Danny dead!
Inhalt: In dieser rasch entwickelnden romantic-action-comedy wird Rosella Wu von ihrer herrischen Mutter davon überzeugt, einen Profikiller zu engagieren. Er soll sich um Rosellas Gangster-Ehemann Danny kümmern.

Festivals & Awards: Freshly Squeezed Shorts USA 2009, 9. Oldenburger Kurzfilmtage Zwergwerk Germany 2009, 3rd Eye International Film Festival India 2009, Filmwinter Stuttgart Film Festival Germany 2010, Maverik Film Awards USA 2010 (Nominated for Best Director, Best Student Short and Best Stunts), Soho International Film Festival USA 2010 (Best Short Film Award), MPSE Golden Reel Awards USA 2010, Festivus Film Festival USA 2010 (Best Narrative Short), “MethodFest“ Film Festival USA 2010 (Best Student Film), Edgemar Short Film Festival USA 2010, 11th annual On Location: Memphis International Film and Music Festival USA 2010, West Chester Film Festival USA 2010, Hill Country Film Festival USA 2010, Boston International Film Festival USA 2010, Geneva Film Festival USA 2010 (Student Visionary Award), Atlantic City Film Festival USA 2010, First Look Film Festival USA 2010 (Audience Award, USC Faculty Award), Ivy Film Festival USA 2010, Tallahassee Film Festival USA 2010, „First Glance“ Film