Vorführung: Samstag, 20. Juni, 23:00 Uhr (BEST OF GERMANY II)


Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2008
Duration: 30′
Category: Documentary

Director: Bettina Timm
Screenplay: Bettina Timm
Cinematographer: Alexander Riedel
Editor: Bettina Timm
Producer: Philip Vogt
Music: Daniel Kluge, Edouard Stork

Synopsis: In 1943 a cosmic ray research station was set up on the top of Mount Aragaz in Armenia. During the 1980s the team of scientists here embarked upon an ambitious research project which, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, was never completed. Today the vast and considerably run-down complex located at an altitude of 3,500 metres is home to only six people, including two women who clean and cook for the group. This intimate and sensitive film uses long shots and masterful compositions to capture the total isolation of this surviving relic of the Soviet space programme.

Festivals & Preise: Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis in Gold in der Kategorie Dokumentarfilme mit einer Laufzeit bis 30 Minuten, Visions Du Réel, Nyon, Oberhausen, Karlovy Vary, FIDMarseille, Dok Leipzig, Vancouver, Golden Apricot, Armenien.