Violin Solo (Geigensolo)

Screening: Friday, June 13, 23:00 (BEST OF GERMANY I)


Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2007
Duration: 21′
Category: Fiction

Director: Karin Malwitz
Screenplay: Karin Malwitz, Philipp Batereau
Cinematographer: Volker Langhoff
Editors: Karin Malwitz, Philipp Batereau
Music: Philip Kirt Kressin
Producer: Karin Malwitz
Cast: Juergen Holtz

Synopsis: Old Theo is deaf. It is New Year’s Eve, time to finally end everything. But a new hope is awoken unexpectedly when three young Chinese women wave to him. Did he imagine it? Suddenly he has lots to do.

Festivals & Awards: Nominee for Best German Short Film Potsdam Germany 2007