Tanghi Argentini

Bavarian Premiere

Screenings: Thursday, June 12, 19:00 and Saturday, June 14, 21:00 (SWEET)

Tanghi Argentini

Country of Origin: Belgium
Year of Production: 2006
Duration: 13’13“
Category: Fiction

Director: Guido Thys
Screenplay: Geert Verbanck
Cinematographer: Frank van den Eeden
Editor: Alain Desauvage
Music: Allan Muller
Producer: Anja Daelemans, Dries Phlypo
Cast: Dirk van Dijck, Koen van Impe, Hilde Norga, Mathias Sercu, Wannes Cappelle

Synopsis: Despite the faceless and cold atmosphere at his work place, an office clerk tries to make his colleagues happy. Instead of the classical cliche Christmas gifts, he wants to give his colleagues something real and precious. Tanghi Arghentini is a modern fairy tale.

Festivals & Awards: Academy Awards in Los Angeles USA 2008 (Oscar Nominee for category Live Action Short), Boulder International Film Festival USA 2008 (Best Short Film), Byron Bay Film Festival Australia 2008 (Best Cinematography Award, Best Short Film), European Short Film Festival FEC Cambrils-Reus France 2008 (First Award of the European Competition), Florida Film Festival USA 2008 (Audience Award for Best International Short), European Festival of Shorts of Bordeaux France 2008 (Jury Award), International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand France 2007 (Audience Award, Mediatheques Award, Best Comedy „Fernand Raynaud“ Award), Aspen Shortsfest USA 2007 (Audience Award, The Ellen Award Certificate of Distinctive Achievement, BAFTA LA Award for Excellence, Special Jury Recognition), Brussels Short Film Festival Belgium 2007 (Best Actor Award: Dirk van Dijck, Best Cinematography Award), International Short Film Festival „Almeria en Corto“ Spain 2007 (Audience Award), La Cittadella del Corto Rome Italy 2007, (Award for Best Film of the Festival), Tabor Film Festival Croatia 2007 (Audience Award), Rhode Island International Film Festival USA 2007 (Best Short Film), Seattle’s 1 Reel Film Festival USA 2007 (Best Narrative Short Film), LA Shorts Fest USA 2007 (Best Foreign Film Award), Moondance International Film Festival USA 2007 (Best Foreign Short Film Award), Milwaukee International Film Festival Canada 2007 (Audience Award for Best in Show Short Film), Middle East International Film Festival United Arab Emirates 2007 (Audience Award for Best Short Film), International Film Festival Cine-Jeune de l’Aisne France 2007 (Best Short Film), New York City Short Film Festival USA 2007 (Best Comedy Award), Festival Cinema Tout Ecran Geneva Switzerland 2007 (Audience Award for Best Short Film), International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin Germany 2007 (Best Fiction Award), St. Louis International Film Festival USA 2007 (Best International Short), „Cinessonne“ European Film Festival France 2007 (Audience Award), Festinval de Cine de Alcala de Henares Madrid Spain 2007 (Audience Award), Prague Short Film Festival Czech Republic 2007 (Special Honourable Jury Mention), International Filmets Festival Badalona Barcelona 2007 (Best Actor Award: Dirl von Dijck), Festival Tous Courts d’Aix en Provence France 2007 (Special Jury Mention), Flanders International Film Festival Ghent Belgium 2006 (Best Belgian Short), Atlanta Flickerfest International Short Film Festival Australia 2008, Portland International Film Festival USA 2008, Minimalen Short Film Festival Norway 2008, Cleveland International Film Festival USA 2008, Regard sur le court metrage au Saguenay Quebec Canada 2008, International Film Festival USA 2008, Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee International Film Festival USA 2008, RiverRun International Film Festival USA 2008, International Film Festival Berlin 2007, Bermuda International Film Festival 2007, NexT International Short and Medium Length Film Festival Romania 2007, Granada International Young Filmmakers Festival Spain 2007, Nashville Film Festival USA 2007, Shadowline SalernoFilmFest Italy 2007, International Film Festival Cannes France 2007, Newport International Film Festival USA 2007, Jackson Hole Film Festival USA 2007, Worldwide Short Film Festival Toronto Canada 2007, Mise-en-Scene’s Genres Film Festival Korea 2007, Brindisi International Film Festival Italy 2007, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival-PiFan Korea 2007, Melbourne International Film Festival Australia 2007, Espoo Cine International Film Festival Spain 2007, Montreal World Film Festival Canada 2007, Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival Brazil 2007, Palm Springs Intl ShortFest USA 2007, Toofy Film Fest Boulder USA 2007, Fantastisk Film Festival Lund Sweden 2007, Mecal International Short Film Festival Spain 2007, Athens International Film Festival Greece 2007, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival UK 2007, Nederlands Film Festival The Netherlands 2007, Filmfest Hamburg Germany 2007, Mill Valley Film Festival USA 2007, Curtocircuito 07 Spain 2007, St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival UK 2007, Aarhus Film Festival Denmark 2007, Festival du cinema international en Abitibi-Temiscamingue Canada 2007, Festival of European Films on Wheels Turkey 2007, Brest European Short Film Festival France 2007, Festival du court Metrage Media 10-10 Belgium 2007, Short Film Festival of Lyon France 2007, San Luis International Film Festival Argentina 2007, Evora International Short Film Festival – FIKE Portugal 2007, Short Film Festival Sequence Toulouse France 2007, Festival du Film de Vendome France 2007, International Short Film Festival Leuven Belgium 2007

Weblink: www.anotherdimension.be/detail.php?id=tanghi&p=syn