Sibling’s Love (Geschwisterliebe)

Screening: Saturday, June 14, 23:00 (BEST OF GERMANY II)


Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2007
Duration: 5′
Category: Animation

Director: Jan-Marcel Kuehn, Matthias Scharfi
Screenplay: Jan-Marcel Kuehn, Matthias Scharfi
Animation: Jan-Marcel Kuehn, Matthias Scharfi
Music: Matthias Scharfi
Producer: Benjamin Munz

Synopsis: 11-years-old Lorenz lives next to his annoying younger sister Sophie. Some day, when Sophie disturbs his peace again, Lorenz discovers accidentally that he is up to manipulate time. He enjoys that circumstance and starts fooling around with his sister.

Festivals & Awards: Short Tiger Berlin 2007, Next Generation Cannes Film Festival France 2008, Animated Film Festival South Korea 2008, Plein la Bobine Sancy Film Festival for Young People France 2008, International Cartoon & Animation Festival Seoul South Korea 2006