German Premiere

Screenings: Sunday, June 15, 21:00 and Monday, June 16, 19:00 (BITTER)


Country of Origin: Belgium
Year of Production: 2006
Duration: 13’50“
Category: Fiction

Director: Chloe Cramer
Screenplay: Chloe Cramer
Cinematographer: Florent Bagard
Editor: Nicolas Rumpl
Music: Boris Kish
Producer: Rodolphe de Callatay, Samuel Henry, Catherine Lemarchand
Cast: Yasko Sakaedani, Jean-Michel Vovk, Takano, Cyril Briant, Ives Swennen, Kunbo Meng

Synopsis: A video-surveillance evidence seems to prove that she had an affair with an employee of the hotel where the Japanese stay. The employee is fired and leaves the hotel. The Japanese girl follows him, the employee sends her packing. She drifts into the city, until their road cross again. The employee takes her to an abandoned house. He deflowers her. That marks the end of their relationship. She leaves the house and meets her father in the night.

Festivals & Awards: Bologna European School Festival Bologna Italy 2006, International Festival for Cinema School Huy Belgium 2006, Het groote Ongeduld Brussels Belgium 2006