Macedonian Dream – A Girl And Her Accordion (Die Akkordeonspielerin)

Screening: Friday, June 13, 23:00 (BEST OF GERMANY I)


Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2007
Duration: 30′
Category: Documentation

Director: Biljana Garvanlieva
Screenplay: Biljana Garvanlieva
Cinematographer: Susanne Schuele
Editor: Andre Nier
Sound: Manuel Zimmer
Producer: Christian Beetz
Cast: Emilija Obradova

Synopsis: At the age of seven, Emilija gets an accordion, with 14 she wins the national accordion competition of Macedonia. The author portrays the life of her 17-year-old cousin who comes from a poor but very musical and swinging family. Living in a little village she fights for the right to participate in an international competition that is taking place in spring. Emilija plays well enough, but the condition is to have a professional and exorbitantly expensive accordion.

Festivals & Awards: Nominee for Juliane Barthels Award 2008, Award for Best German Short Film Germany 2007, Axel Springer Award for Young Journalists Germany 2007, International Documentary Film Festival Zagreb Croatia 2007 (Special Mention Award), ASTERFEST International Film & Video Festival of Southern Europe Macedonia 2007 (Golden Projector), Sichuan TV Festival China 2007 (Gold Panda Award), Danube Island Festival Bratislava Slovakia 2007 (Nominee for Prix Danube), Filmmor International Women’s Film Festival Istanbul Turkey 2008, FIPA Biarritz Competition Contest France 2007, Femme Total Film Festival Dortmund Germany 2007, KRATKIMETAR International Short Film Festival Belgrad Serbia 2007, International Documentary and Short Film Festival Prizren Kosovo 2007, Macedonian Film Festival Toronto Canada 2007, Barcelona International TV Festival Spain 2007, Festival of the New German Film Skopje Macedonia 2007