Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher

German Premiere

Screenings: Friday, March 24, 2006, 20:30 and Saturday, March 25, 2006, 15:00 (SALTY)


Country of Origin: USA
Year of Production: 2004
Duration: 10’30“
Category: Animation

Director: Alexander Woo
Story: Bill Presing, Matt Peters
Screenplay: Alexander Woo, Matt Peters, Dan Blank
Editor: Alexander Woo
Music: Ryan Shore
Producer: Alexander Woo
Cast: Dan Blank, Nicola Russell, Lolita Shawany

Synopsis: It is the height of World War II, and the United States is at war with Nazi Germany. The U.S. Government has just been informed that Eval Schnitzler has occupied a remote location near the mysterious source of the Amazon River. Convinced that his motives are more than leisurely, the United States sends Rex Steele, Nazi smasher extraordinaire, to find and foil Eval’s evil plans. Rex flies into the Amazon with his sidekick, Miss Penny Thimble, and the two embark on a journey full of action, adventure, and of course, Nazi smashing galore!.

Festivals & Awards: Student Academy Award 2004 (Gold in the Animation Category), Directors Guild of America Student Filmmaker Award (1st Prize), Student Emmy Award (Third Place Animation Traditional Category), CINEME 2004 (GRAND PRIZE Best of the Fest Award), HDFEST 2004 (Winner Best Animation), Savannah Film Festival 2004 (Winner Best Animation), Hollywood International Student Film Festival 2004 (Winner Best Animation), Hamptons International Film Festival 2004 (Best Student Animated Short), Motor City Internaional Film Festival 2004 (Winner Best Animation), Forest Film Fest 2004 (Winner Best Animation), First Look Student Film Festival 2004 (1st Place Animated Short), Westchester Film Festival 2004 (Best Student Film), Zoie Film Festival 2004 (Best Student Animation), Worldfest Houston 2004 (Platinum Award for Best College Production), NYU First Run Film Festival 2004 (Craft Award for Original Score), Internaional Family Film Festival 2004 (Best Student Animation Classic), 35th Annual ASIFA EAST Awards (1st Honorable Mention – Student Films Category), Angelus Awards 2004, USA Film Festival, HDFEST 2004