Land Of Mist (Landet I Tågen)

German Premiere

Screenings: Saturday, March 25, 2006, 20:00 and Sunday, March 26, 2006, 15:00 (BITTER)


Country of Origin: Denmark
Year of Production: 2003
Duration: 26’21“
Category: Documentary

Director: Suvi Andrea Helminen
Cinematographer: Lars Bonde
Editor: Catherine Ambus
Sound: Allan Holmberg, Thomas Jæger
Musik: Nana la Cour Jacobi, Johan Segerberg
Producer: Katrine Vogelsang

Synopsis: Mariglen and his father have fled from Albania. They have sought asylum in Denmark. While their case is judged, they stay in asylum centers. The authorities always have to know where they are. They await an answer. Mariglen and his father have been waiting for 4 years.

Festivals & Awards: Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona 2003, Salaam DK Flerkulturel Filmfestival 2004, Krakow Filmfestival 2004, Odense Filmfestival 2004 (Jameson Award), ARF Malmø 2004, Tehran International Film Festival 2004