Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2 Betting Tips & Preview

Saturday 7th December observes Anthony Joshua attempt to recover the world heavyweight titles from Andy Ruiz Jr.. Whilst this tipster, like most, did not get the first fight right and anticipated Joshua to prevent Ruiz Jr, there is a charge in the bank that here in we appreciated the challenge which Ruiz posed. The battle is a tough one to predict and very good cases can be made for both fighters. The bookies and many pundits fancy Anthony Joshua to take revenge, with all the big Brit currently a 4/9 favorite whilst the Mexican champion has become 2/1.
It seems lots of observers have bought into the idea AJ either redeemed Ruiz Jr or was not himself on the night. This can be unjust to the Mexican who snore and exposed flaws in Joshua that have been clearly on display in struggles. Fighters throwing counter or lead left hooks have induced AJ problems during his pro career. Notably, both Whyte and Povetkin hurt AJ and AJ fought with shorter fighters throwing looping counters and slipping in his jab. The idea AJs defeat was anything apart from a loss to the better man on the afternoon is honestly disrespectful to Ruiz Jr.. The chances still look skewed, although that isnt to mention AJ cant acquire the rematch.
When judging the first fight for a gauge for gambling on the rematch, one of the most insightful moments came in the 2nd round (the single form the fight Joshua clearly won). Joshua lands in the round and with approximately 50 seconds left Joshua counters a Ruiz jab with a ideal hand and then lands a clean left hook at the followup exchange and moves away. The penetration to glean is nicely Ruiz took the shots of AJ although its an excellent victory for Joshua. Theyre punches who have floored competitions of AJs but they bounced off Ruizs chin and they were registered by him. Even when Ruiz had been dropped at the 3rd round, it was because he was caught square , the knockdown itself had very little effect on the Mexican that is large. The shortest priced method of victory is Joshua by stoppage (best price 19/20) but the very first fight alone must indicate Ruiz will be a hard guy to store away. Ruizs exceptional chin and fast counters will temper AJs aggression early in the fight, and although bookies and several punters seem to be favouring a Joshua KO, it is more likely he will box conservatively (at least to begin with) and may not severely dent the demanding Mexican.
There is nothing in the battle to suggest that he wins at an tear up, although that does not mean the struggle cant be won by AJ. If AJ wins, then its by sacrificing a few of his power and jabbing about the move, pivoting around Ruiz rather than allowing the Mexican counter and to set his feet. This style is at best a stoppage or, victory. Joshua is 4/1 plus also a stoppage in rounds 7-12 is 5/2. These are far greater value than the Joshua outright stoppage price which wo double your cash.
The very first struggle provided enough evidence to suggest the next fight is unlikely to finish premature: Ruiz is very good and also has a excellent chin; Joshua will not seem to take part in a firefight, instead will be keeping it at space, because his trainer, Rob McCracken was telling him in-between rounds of their first fight. The logical outcome of that is a struggle that goes into the following rounds: financing the struggle to move over 7.5 rounds in 10/11 using BetVictor looks a solid pick. Deciding on the winner is a lot more difficult, but an undervalued market is looked by the 4/1 about Joshua. If he can stay patient and construct more slowly on any success he has, as opposed to looking to put Ruiz off, then theres no reason why the Mexican cant be outpointed by Joshua .